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Where can the booth be set up and how long does it take?  
The booth can be set up indoors or outdoors, however, if it is set up outdoors, we do require a tent over the booth in case of inclement weather. It takes approx. 45 minutes to set up but our professional attendants will arrive 90 minutes ahead of time to set up to ensure adequate setup time.  

What happens during announcements, dinner, etc?   Packages and pricing for the booth is for "consecutive hours".  We can stop running the booth during certain times during your reception but that does cut into your booked time.  We recommend the 4 hour package for most wedding receptions so there is plenty of time for all of your guests to enjoy the booth.  An extra hour is only $100.00 if you decide that you want us to stay even longer.  

How big is the booth?
Our booth is approx. the same height as a real London Phone Box so it measures about 7 1/2 feet tall x 36 inches wide x 7 feet long.

How many people will fit in the booth and is it wheelchair accessible?
Our booth is a stand-up booth and we do bring a stool for children or shorter guests.   We also have an adjustable camera.  3-5 people can easily fit into the booth but close friends can always squeeze in a few more!  Our booth is an open design to accommodate guests in wheelchairs or for guests who require assistance.  We can also open the curtain to get larger group shots.

Who runs the booth?
The booth will have 1-2 professional attendants (weddings will have two attendants) who will be dressed appropriately for your event and who will assist guests with their photo sessions from start to finish.  

How many pictures are included?
Our service includes unlimited photos from your photo sessions. Each guest in the photo will receive one 2x6 photo to take with them. The pictures are ready within minutes. After your event, your guests can go online (with your approval) and download FREE digital copies of their photos.  They are usually online 2-4 days after an event.  

Can you include an event name and date on the prints?
Yes, the event name or bride and groom's names and date will be included on all printed copies OR you can choose to have no event information on the prints.  Please check out the Layouts page to see various photo layouts and formats.

Are the photos color or black and white?
This option is totally up to you or your guests. It may depend on whether or not you have a scrapbook.  Some brides and grooms prefer to have all color or black/white photos in their scrapbook OR we can leave it up to the guest’s choice but keep in mind that if the pictures are taken in color for your guests, they will be color in your scrapbook as well.  

How do I secure a date for the photo booth rental?
A $250.00 deposit and a signed contract will secure your event date. The balance is due on the night of your event in the form of cash or check or credit card payment via PayPal at the conclusion of our services.  

How many hours should I book the booth for?  
This is up to you but here are some guidelines based on your # of guests.  Up to 124 guests = 3 hours, 125-175 guests = 4 hours, 176 guests or more = 5+ hours.  You can also decide if you want to have your guests do this during cocktail hour or wait till after you are announced and we can open the booth.  We will work with the emcee of your event to make announcements regarding when the photo booth is open.   Photo booth setup time and breakdown time are not included with your # of hours.  We take care of that on our time and is no additional charge to you and are included in your package price. 

What type of camera to you use?
We use the most up to date cameras with high pixel quality but keep in mind it's a photo booth. Your guests are unsupervised inside the booth so if your guests move or swing props around, it is possible that a picture may blur or the props may reflect the lights.  Our in-booth monitor counts down between photos so guests can pose at the right time.  

What happens if people move during the photo session?
Even though we use top of the line cameras, with movement, it's possible that some photos might be blurry if people are moving or dancing during the shoot.  

What type of printer do you use?
We use a HITI dye-sublimination printer for all of our events.  Dye sublimination printers are state of the art photo booth printers used by most professional photo booth companies.  The photos have an over-coated protected layer to prevent the photo from getting damaged. This enables your photo to last for up to 100 years in normal conditions. The dye sublimation prints are waterproof photos that are also fingermark resistant.  The photos are completely dry when they print out.  

Can I bring and use my own props?  
Sure.  If you want to use your own props in addition or instead of our props that is fine.  We will make every effort to get all of your props back to you at the end of your event. 

Can my guests use the props for dancing?
We ask that your guests use the props in the photo booth area only.  We want all of your guests to have a huge choice of props for the photos so they need to remain with the photo booth attendants.  We bring a lot of props but only a limited # of them with us.  We can recommend some websites if you would like to purchase props for your guests to use for fun during your reception.   Some people like to order glow sticks or funny hats and glasses to use on the dance floor. 

When will I get my scrapbook and CD?
We make every effort to get both to you by the close of your event.  Sometimes we may mail the CD to you but you will take the scrapbook home with you.  

What type of scrapbook do you provide?
In order to keep photo booth package prices low, we use a black/white "Special Day"  scrapbook with black pages for weddings and a "Live, Love, Laugh" scrapbook for most other events.  We have your guests sign with different colored pens.  The pages can be inserted into a fancier scrapbook after your event or you can provide us a specific scrapbook you would like us to use.  If you are providing us with your own scrapbook, please let us know ahead of time.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers