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Most templates can be modified for colors and fonts.  Some elements can be removed.  Please take a look at e Click on the templates below then you can also click on the "Additional Templates" button for even more template choices.   This link will re-direct you to hundreds of more templates to choose from. 

Under The Stars 4up.
All That Glitters 4up
Rosy Beige Celebration 4up.
Stylish Floral 4up
Oceanside Burlap 4up
Scandinavian Floral 4up
Rustic Birds 4up
Wooden Leaves 4up
Floral Engraving 4up
Scoops & Loops
Watercolor Meldoy 4up
Vintage Textiles 4up
Vintage Fairytale 4up
Sunflowers 4up v2
Sunflowers 4up v1
Striped Floral 4up
Starry Sky 4up
Simply Elegant 4up.
Simplicity Is Best 4up
Sand Dollar 3up
Rustic Lace 3up
Scoops & Loops 4up
Shimmering Flare 4up
Rustic Garden Lanterns 4up v1
Rustic Floral 3up
Once Upon A Time 4up
Romantic Lights 4up
Metallic Celebration 4up
Lovebirds 4up
Lights Photo Strip 4up
Graduate 3up
Go Softly 4up
Glitz & Glam 4up
Glimmering Elegance 4up v2
Glimmering Elegance 4up v1
Floral Geometric 4up
Fall Trees 3up
Floral Shabby Chic 4up
Enchanted Forest 4up
Geometric Badge 4up
Filmstrip 4up
Dried Flowers 3up
County Fair 3up
Candyland 3up.
Christmas Floral 4up
Classy Geometric 4up
Classy Floral 3up
Confetti 4up
Cherry Blossom 4up
Rustic Polaroid 4up
Barn Wedding 4up
Banner Bottom
Banner Top
Banner Top&Bottom
Bowling Fun 3up
Candy Land 3up
Casino Night 4up
More Is less 4up
Chalkboard 4up
Brilliant Overlaying Flowers 4up
My Hearts Content 4up.
Dazzling Confetti 4up.
Floral Fondness 4up
Confetti Celebration 4up.
Bling 4up.
Classy Act 3up.
Elegant Bling 4up.
Par Tee Time Celebration 4up
Black Tie Event 4up
Carnival 3up
Universal Balloons 3up
Rustic Autumn Leaves 3up.
Simplicity is Best 3up
A Metallic Celebration 4up.
5 Squares 4up
Beach Luau 3up
Chalkboard Whimsy 4up
Autumn Barn 4up.
Classy Stripes 4up.
Hollwyood Red Carpet 4up
Ocean Burlap 4up v2
Hearts & Clouds 3up
Ornate Floral 4up
Gatsby Glam 4up
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